Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Save the planet and so on...

Everyone is worried about being asked... So what are YOU doing for the environment? Everyone is thinking up answers. Nice and quick. "I recycle."
"I am going to plant a tree."
"I stopped using plastic long ago."
"I am always careful about using water."
"I don't take printouts unless it's an emergency."
"I only buy organic vegetables."
"I only wear natural fabric."
"I don't use chemical stuff at home."
"I keep computer and laptop usage to the minimum."
"I have switched to an electric vehicle."
"I cycle to work thrice a week."

Everyone is concerned. Everyone wants the planet to survive at least till the time they survive. No one wants the earth to give up on us suddenly. We don't how it will happen. Will it implode? Or will there will flood and we will die painfully?
No one wants annihilation in an expected manner. We all want to perish in less than half a second. We don't want to bear the consequences of what we've been doing to this host that put us up for millions of years.
We will write about it. But no one will say: "Can we stop publishing a newspaper for one day?" That should save some paper.
Or perhaps stop smoking. I am no one to say this. I smoke too. But I want to stop.
No one will say: Maybe today we should stay at home and not take the car out. Maybe we should just go take a walk in the neighbourhood, or meet neighbours we don't really say hello to.
No one does that.
They just talk about it.
As for me. I have to go to work. I have an edition the next day.

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sillysimu said...

I dont smoke or drive, but still ...i want to do some thing to save this planet ..