Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not just another dime

Someone said, perhaps in passing, that what I do is trivial. Maybe to some. But in that little cubby hole of mine, in which I nurture my dreams, it is nothing but reality.
Someone had said, "What is lifestyle?"
It is always not 2000 plus words of eloquence, where someone only finds a platform to display their count of known words and phrases. It is mostly, at least as far as I believe, a story that could range from 50 words to 2000 but touch the soul that's reading it. Sometimes, being personal makes a difference. I am reaching out to you. I want you to know that beyond all the money laundering, cheating, scheming, politicking that goes on in this vast expanse, there is a life that is beautiful. A life that shows you the lovelier side. A life that is worth dreaming of.

From the time I first stepped into Sonagachhi, gingerly following Zana and Ross and their camera,watching the film unfold before my eyes, finding the truth that we all ignore, to the time where bright lights and luxurious spreads lay before me - it has been an excruciatingly difficult journey. With each passing week, I have learnt something new and most importantly something different.
I have met people I have come to love over the years, those that have moved on and yet remain in my heart.
I have met people who've used that love to gnaw at my deepest self.
I have met people who've used that love to selfish gains.
But all is forgiven.

From the moment I walk into the newspaper office that I truly hold in high regard, I feel a sense of belonging. I love the smell of newsprint or the splash of colour across smiling faces. From the tiny bullet points that assert an idea to a headline that carries within many responsibilities. It's all part of my reality.

I write about things that many won't bother about. Retail trends, gourmet treats and sometimes, a habit that is only lying within. Stories with meaning, stories without time lines. Here, I have seen a newspaper increase its shelf life. And that is no mean feat. Held strong by many others and carried forward by some more, waking up to the paper I work for is indeed exhilarating.