Sunday, September 04, 2016

And that's it

And you push me away 
Ever so nonchalantly 
A gentle nudge 
In the other direction
Takes care of it. 

All the letters remain unsent 
As they remain unwritten 
Words melt to dust 
And settle on the floor 
Quietly, and forgotten. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Step on it

Find the thing you love the most
Could it be the touch of a hand 
Or a memory from an old page 
Or your name drawn on sand 

Could it be your mother's voice 
From a time you can't quite remember 
Her kiss on your sweaty forehead 
After a game, one cold December 

Or is it the first time you held hands 
With someone who's still unknown 
And the gentle brush of his fingers 
Across your invisible frown 

Or could it be the last time when 
You saw his dark face in the light 
A kiss that destroyed all kisses 
As he disappeared that night 

Now take that thing you love the most 
And step on it, without a care 
And watch it destroy you piece by piece 
Go on, do it, I dare.