Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It was not as dramatic a moment as I’d have liked it to be. Just me alone in the room, smoking and watching the smoke trying to find a way of getting out.
The windows were shut you see.
But it happened anyway. A long lost question answered.
So I draw my travel chart inside my head; hills, forests, rivers and roads that pass through history and even the seas perhaps if I can make the time.

I see a life that is beyond all realities and is perhaps the only truth I know.
Some place where I don’t have to justify myself for wandering around, where I can walk on the honey dewed grass and cry if need be.
I reject all mediocrity unless it’s in nature.
I reject all religion unless it’ in verse.
I reject the mundane.
Your need.
Your truth.
Your reality.
Your world.

What exists is mine. I own it. I live it. Here, I am god.