Sunday, February 05, 2012

Measuring distances

Someday when the lights are so dim that the shadow you cast from the room to the verandah won’t appear so frightening anymore - and in that little second that it takes you to cross the room and into the depth of the tree outside - I’d have written my song.
That little song I promise you many afternoons ago; when the summer heat had little consideration for our intentions.
The verses would be open and so would the tunes; we'd change them as we like and sing with our hearts clear of guilt. 

The ruffled sheets have been changed a million times and more and yet they bore the fragrance of stories we shared; something funny that we could never let go of or even fingers that were entwined, as if war was on our doorstep.
The telephone could be swiped a million times and it would not run out of my DNA and perhaps if one tried harder, some conversations too could be secured.

I changed rooms, curtains, lanes, streets, cities, jobs, men, lovers, clothes, shoes. I even tried to change the way I think. Funny, none of it was in vain.

All of it seems so far away now.