Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Heart dust

People say that poetry is in the pain 
But then there are those moments 
When you're choking so hard 
And hurting so deep that even 
The darn words wouldn't weave 

People say love is meant to be easy 
But then there are those walls
That are built so high, with cracks
That leave trails through the veins 
And cause trust and faith to fail 

People say that happiness is within 
But then there are those ghosts 
That creep in, and drink from your soul 
Leaving nothing but dried memories 
Of a past that refuses to implode 

People write about love, and about 
The unusual politics of it all 
How much to give and to expect 
About the rules and the rule breakers 
And how there are no rules at all 

But what of those who've died 
From the incurable disease 
That took their heart, and And 
Snapped the core so inexorably that 
Even today they're wandering around. 

Collecting pieces.