Monday, October 30, 2006

Life is twisted.
Blind corners.
And I lack a little faith.

Darn, a collision is near.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I finally got to hear Avril Quadros' voice. Amidst a launch party of many semi-drunks and an inattentive audience, I heard Avril sing.
I felt as if I was alone... barring her manager John who was really very sweet, and I had a good time trying to figure out his scottish accent in a place where I couldn't hear myself well enough.
She is a bohemian at heart I think. Her eyes burn, she walks with confidence, and yet, she appears vulnerable.
I wonder what she is all about?
My friend's husband Chris plays with her. He is on the strings and quite decent at that. But Avril doesn't need music. She can sing in an empty world and give it melody and music and everything else.
What I found most curious is that she has released her own album in Hindi. Not that there is anything wrong with the language.. but she should be singing jazz.
Bangalore hasn't really given me much... while in Calcutta, music played a HUGE part in my life. An evening at Someplace Else, a band playing old favourites to current hits would make up for everything the city didn't have. Coming to this city, I felt very desolate, as if I was uprooted from something I couldn't let go of..

But that one evening when Avril sang, just for a few hours, I was home.