Friday, December 04, 2009

money train

You need money to make your dreams come true. Something that no one told me but perhaps should have – many years ago.
I am constantly meeting people who are doing so much more in life. It’s not easy to quantify and I do hate to put a number to things – but I see more smiles on their faces, and to be precise broader smiles.
So is it actually the money that’s making them smile? I do hope to God that it isn’t true. It would sort of crumble all other hopes that draw inspiration from those big toothy smiles.
So in a way, I am glad no one told me that money is what makes your dreams come true.
What do I want? At 32, I should know. The thing is, I know. But can I do it? Yes I can. But how is the question? That is the biggest question.
Can I give it all up and say hey, I am going to do it? No I can’t. Too many strings attached - and that, I can’t deal with.
Do I see a light? Yes I do. It’s bleak but I assume it will get stronger over time. Would I, then, give it all up and do what I want to do? In a heartbeat.
Life is actually pretty simple – we just screw it up for ourselves. Someone told me that it costs nothing to be nice. Of course it doesn’t. But being nice comes with its consequences. Would I rather have a grumpy person beside me who is nothing but honest or would I prefer a smiling cheery face who is perhaps faking it from the word go? You tell me.
So I come back to ask - do you need money to make your dreams come true? Yes, especially if you’re sort of swimming with baggage. Ironically, baggage can also keep dreams at bay. Much like garlic for a vampire.