Saturday, July 07, 2007

One night at a party

There used to be a time when walking into a few of my favourite nightclubs in Bombay gave me a head rush. I would never be able to control my feet and went straight for the dance floor. It's been a while since something like that happened. And while I still love dancing, the music scene has changed quite a bit and I still continue to like the old favourites.
I'm not much into hip hop or the electro variety and still prefer the old classics, swing and perhaps trance.

Moving to Bangalore had put the nightclub bug in me to sleep. I preferred going to a pub where there was good music and catching up with friends. But sometimes, and only sometimes, I'd miss those crazy nights in Bombay when I've danced alone with a friend watching over me.

Last night, I was at Athena, checking out the party scene as part of my job. And while my friends and I sat on a rather uncomfortable couch with beer, I watched Bangaloreans party like there's no tomorrow.

It's beautiful how people come together under one roof for a night - some known faces, mostly unknown, sharing those few specific hours together as strangers.
Lovers. Friends. Acquaintances. Just for one night.
The next morning is another day, with a new sun that fades away the previous night and most of its memories.