Friday, November 22, 2013

White lies

What do you want for your birthday
She asked him quietly
You, he said, without much hesitation
It was an obvious lie

She wanted to believe that lie
And she clearly did
It made her illusion a little happier
And she needed it

That lie travelled across the globe
In her little pocket
Across cities, states and nations
Like a secret bodyguard

A few years later, on a winter’s day
His wedding invite came
She had to be there, for his sake, it said
And she would go

Her painted feet touched the floor
And walked gently
Towards the glittering decorations
As she stood before him

It was going to end tonight for sure
Their silly fairy tales
He was checking out for good
From her pretend world

But she was smiling from the heart
Even shook his hands
And the soft hands of the beautiful new ‘her’
Taking home just the lie