Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'd given him that name... and now the entire world calls him that. It's kind of always been that way. There was so very little exclusivity between us. And yet, I cannot even explain how much I miss him. I don't think he was ever faithful to me. At least, emotionally he was always elsewhere. It took me more than 3 years to realise why but even so...
Is it selfish, to want to be happy? I didn't really want much but something that could be based on a strong friendship. And what is friendship without trust?
sigh... too much in my head.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Build this city on rock 'n' roll!

I have never attended a protest that was filled with so much positive energy. About 200 people got together and sang for their freedom... After all, whoever had heard that playing music and dancing was a crime? In Bangalore, it is.
It's difficult to go out these days - while I've never lived in a ghetto or in a Communist country, I think I know what victims of unnecessary policing undergo. Wrap up by 11 pm, go home by half past - it's curfew time! The incorrigible rule of banning DJs and dancing from our pubs and nightclubs has driven most professionals and music enthusiasts up against the wall.
Organised by a group of concerned Bangaloreans, the pavement in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue on Sunday (August 10) at 2 pm came alive with musicians, DJs, dancers, restaurateurs, celebrities, models uniting to protest against this ban.
I had thought there was going to be this long speech on how the authorities need to change they way they look at 'modern' culture etc.. But there were none, people just sang, displayed banners and mingled with each other.
It was as colourful as any fete - and as serious as any convention can get.
I spoke to some of our DJs and celebs, trying to understand if something like this has ever worked and every will - and they all echoed the same words - give Bangalore its music back.
The media houses were present - and the support extended was quite commendable. Live TV coverage, prominent print articles ensured that their voices reached everyone and loud enough.
To read up on what the media says, go to
Pic by: Vinod Kumar T

Friday, August 01, 2008

So very little

No silly, nothing has changed. I still miss you
The momentary silence during a long distance conversation
Preventing words from making an entry, even though I'd like to
Random thoughts that can be shared without hesitation
Despite being afraid of being misunderstood
I know I am holding on to one vulnerable string
That will break at the ripest possible instance
And I die each day, thinking of that finale
And yet, hope for a new beginning in some other form
I cannot walk the same path again. The path exists no more
Yet to God I pray, to turn back time a little. Being selfish I know
But I would like nothing more right now, than to see your face as we talk.