Tuesday, September 29, 2015


You said it was like food. 
The words. The voice. 
The occasional whisper. 
And then, you went on a diet. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Show me

Show me one good reason to love 
Is it not but punishment 
For each time you let your self go 

Is it not the paved road to hell 
On which you rise, and fall 
Is it not a ticket to destruction

Is it not why you wake up with tears 
And don't know why 
You can't breathe, and yet aren't dead 

Show me one good reason to love 
And I'll show you darkness 
Surrounded by lights that fade eventually 

One day at a time

His taste, on her tongue 
Was like acid. 
Psychedelic and recurring. 
And with each kiss, 
The drug infused with her blood 
Till she couldn't think straight anymore.

It was what it was. 
Terse. Hellish. Permanent. 
Entwined between their drenched bodies 
Lay heaven and earth's dreams, 
And words that would never be spoken 
Till he raised her mouth to his again.