Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fools like me should be lined up and shot.
We don't have a right to exist.
At least not on this planet.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time stopped for a while. It winked at me and said, “Go do your thing. I will wait.”
And I charged forward, to grab everything in sight.
Memories, photographs, smiles, hatred…just put them all in a bag and run before the clock starts ticking again.
It was the most blissful feeling, and I loved it.
And as I drove away, I smelt the paddy fields in my head. The red earth flaming against the window and of course the incessant rain. I know it will haunt me like the spirit of a dead cat that would simply not leave the house it loved. And that same old song!These are the times I wish I could kill a song. Muffle it with a pillow and squeeze every ounce of breath out of it, or perhaps hang it by a nylon rope that will leave ugly red scars around its neck. I remembered the tiny lanterns tied together with a thick long red ribbon swaying violently against the stormy winds as he sang an obscure song.You were sitting near his feet, eyes dazed in love.I was elsewhere. The end of a cigarette burned red, white, yellow and pink. Ashes flew everywhere. It’s like a horrific painting. But it carries my inner self. Protected with a saffron scarf.
But things have changed. I stole a moment and I got out with what I wanted.
Should I be complaining?
It’s just that sometimes…only sometimes… I wished I could fly away… from the verandah of this dilapidated building.
Then, I would be free.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A bridge not too far

A small news item in a paper about how some residents at Indiranagar protested against a skywalk because it was being used for advertising purposes only really amused me.
I wondered if people actually can stoop so low for a publicity stunt like this... it doesnt even make sense.
A company such as Vantage makes skywalks, lovely gardens (and even maintains them) at their own cost.
Their whole idea is that people should learn to appreciate the city they live.
And at the end of the day what they get is a nutcase thinking that the skywalk is being used for advertising purposes.
A reality check: A skywalk can easily cost up to a crore for construction. An advertising hoarding on it doesn't give the company more than 20,000 rupees a month. Just how much time does it take to let that 20K touch the crore?
Don't people realise that?

Kids, senior citizens, youngsters are dying almost every week just by trying to cross the road.
Some stupid driver thinks he's too smart and runs them over, or the victim itself tries to cross the road exactly when a vehicle in close by. How much time does he save?
Probably a whole lot of it, because after dying he doesn't really need the time allotted to him for anything.

I am a little disgusted.