Monday, December 15, 2014

Know this

You see, I want only what's inside 
The absolutely dark side 
The part no one really gives a fuck about 
The part that even you would discard 

And if you rip yourself open 
And hand it over 
With all the blood, veins, and the secrets 
I will drink it till my soul is stained 

I will cut away the lies and stories 
Sever the masks of iron 
That you wear so passionately 
Remove it all - layer by layer 

So understand this 
I want nothing of the good 
Just the dark spots, the ugly corners 
To be the star of this miserable tragedy 

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


"Of all the men I've had, the only one I remember is the one who stayed back for coffee, each time," she said to him. "That is sweet," he replied. 
"It was more than sweet. I don't know how to make coffee to save my life, or anyone else's for that matter," she said. 


Fuck me. Close your eyes, or don't close your eyes.
In the dark, or in the light.
No one cares. No one's watching.
Our fingers locked, there's no way of
Telling them apart.

But our lips are different.
Yours gentler, smiling, curious.
Mine, just hungry.
And, like a gourmet meal set before me 
I taste you. All of you. 

There are no deadlines, and we have nowhere else to be. 
Therefore darling, tonight, just fuck me.