Sunday, September 15, 2013

Her. Him.

When she came
She stared at him
And with tears in her eyes
In utter silence
She gave him her heart

When she came
He looked at her tears
Tenderly, with affection
And wondered when
And how he'd hurt her 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Just another day

At some point, the flowers do stop coming
The party and cake orders cease
A moment you thought was special, at some point
Competes for some recognition amidst the regularity

Some people forget, some don’t bother to make that call
The number of thank yous has reduced
Like clockwork, you make coffee, eat toast and egg
And like every single day, clock in silently at nine thirty

Candles are saved for power failures, you believe
And not for silly moments of romance
You know there won’t be strawberries and champagne
When you hurry back home, knackered, at seven

The love is there, somewhere, hidden, you explain
Possibly like the gift you won’t find
It’s in the eyes or in the lines of his unclenched palms
Behind the boredom or embedded in the ageing brain

Be the goddess of the night; give him a new 'you';
The pressure’s been on for a while
You eat more greens, no grains, and retrieve the curves
 You drop sizes, go shopping and even get some makeup

That night, as you rub lotion into your tender, tired, hands
And glance at his hair you love so much
You realise that you want to love and like never before
But now you’ve become the girl no one wants to touch…