Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ho hum

300 words of pearls. no words of wisdom. nothing 'intellectual' please. leave your brains (or whatever's left of it) behind please. don't bring 'your' thoughts to work. use others' instead, please. what is amidst? st? st? seriously? like the short form for station? are you serious?
how can u use the word fortitude in an article that just talks about designer wear?
okay, pause here.
you are not thinking straight.
actually, you aren't thinking curves. think curves.
and make sure whatever you write is attested by a known face, please. we really don't give a flying f*** about your opinion. you are just the one who knows how to type and string sentences together. that is all, please.
why are you reading sri aurobindo's savitri? oh we'd highly recommend Bridget Jones' diary. very good diary. please. (like i really needed a woman to tell me when it's the right time to smoke or kiss... like, seriously...)
oh, you're the cocky one we see... that smile... (nod nod) we know - deep down you're thinking you will be smart elsewhere and people will regard your brain to be a considerable contribution the functioning of something. you are so wrong please. anywhere you go, unless you go on your own, someone else is always giving directions.
like you needed us to tell you that.

i like hash. it smells good. i don't smoke it. have smoked like thrice. i like smoking cigarettes too, which is paired with good single malt. and ice, i don't care about the snobs. i like my ice.
i like the smell of fresh tomatoes in pasta or the giddiness from excess coffee or chocolate.
i like the touch of his hand on my head - it's like consolation prize.
so trust me, i really don't give a flying f*** whether you think i'm useful or not. just because you need someone to type doesn't mean i am going to keep my nails trimmed at all times.

your deadline is early. be happy please. you can go home soon and do what you want with it. yes please. yes please. yes please.
and with your typing speed - you have nothing to fear.
yes, you don't get paid as much as you'd like - but tell us, so far what has really worked according to plan? no whining please. this is not your home. and please remember, if you talk to someone too much, rumours will be spread. that's how this system works. thank you please.

ah i see she's getting there too.. the greed of the green. i really don't want it. i want the green in different forms. i want the old life back. the old things to remain the same. i like the way the fresh air skims past my face and doesn't leave any mark. i want this night to end so the next could come, soon. i don't want your fancy words. i don't want to wake up every morning feeling like a yes man. i don't want your kindness.
no thank you please.