Friday, November 03, 2006

Something else

The chocolate melted in your hands
You stared at it - for long enough
To know the different shapes
Your fingers caused it to make

Different tastes linger on your tongue
And longer in your memory
A day without care and chores
As freedoms slides in

The water boiled just right
Tea leaves adding a pale yellow shade
A wedge of lime - with baring seeds
And golden honey lacing the rim

Its a perfect afternoon you've had
That came after much desire
No chaos, no conversations
Just a table set with the right stuff

A long stemmed pale lily danced
In an even paler vase
As the breeze tricked the drapes
And blew right in the house

Miles Davis painted a picture
Sketches of Spain to be precise
A long drawn lazy afternoon
That came after much desire

A book you picked up last month
From an old second hand store
You didn't know the author, you didn't care
It was just something you wanted to read

The almonds were crushed
And embedded in the chocolate
Bits of it were stuck in your teeth
Making you grin in secret joy

The lace on the table
Dated back a hundred years
Yellow stains were a little apparent
But it was a treasure nevertheless

The afternoon will roll over
Into a boring evening
When the blaring television will tell
Tales of crime and sex in the city

Life will move on the way it does
People will come and go as they do
The chores will return along with the chaos
Giving your nights a different dream

It's that one afternoon you got
After much prayer
That will remain ethereal
And the only object of your affection