Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Random thoughts - literally

Have you ever come this close to saying what you want to say and not said it because you don't really know if you should? Has it ever happened that you looked, long and hard, at someone and changed your mind about him? It's just one of those feelings, isn't it? Inexplicable.
D said, of one of my writings, that it felt like nothing. He said it didn't touch him because the two subjects in the prose didn't reach out to him. Or something like that. D is one of my favourite writers. And I believe what he says. But then again, that piece was a fragment of truth. So perhaps like reality I allowed my detached thoughts to permeate my words. Then is that no mission accomplished? Then why does someone say that they need to relate to it?
Never mind.
I had a wonderful evening today. It was partly on work but that aroma of pepper brie and wine, fondant and the smoked salmon with pear... I couldn't help but forget that I was on work. And amidst all the shiny glasses and the white linen (which is how I typically like to describe Toscano) I couldn't help but think if life could be like brie, especially this one. Smooth to taste, a giddy aftertaste, a slight remnant on the upper palate and of course, a bit peppery.
And a good wine to wash it all down with.
I can't really write about food without thinking of some movie or life in general. Actually, I can't think of it in any other way.
I saw Delhi 6. And strangely, or perhaps not, I really liked it. I like Abhishek Bachchan's slight sense of insecurity in the film. Or his portrayal of it. I like Sonam Kapoor, the brash wannabe Indian Idol. And I like the soundtrack. I like the way ROM let his feeling and his imagery run loose. It's something I can relate to. Even though I have never lived in Delhi.
And all that, amidst all that, I was reminded of one dal baati churma I'd eaten long time ago. It was way too heavy for me to deal with but I had this bizarre sensation of being at home. And I am not from Rajasthan.
Enough of gibberish. Tomorrow is another day and with that, shall come uncertainties I have to be ready for.
Good night my friends. R, K, S, J, Paleth, M (whom I have almost relegated to a distance) and everyone else who are always in my thoughts.

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sillysimu said...

I have that so many times and ended up saying nothing coz i chnaged my mind ...

I like abhishek too in delhi 6 ..leme tell u a secret that i was sad when chotu B got married to Ash ...:(