Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everybody says I’m fine - The last of the chronicles

I have a problem. And it's chronic. And yet, I don’t know how to elucidate it. I look at the person next door and I wonder: why God, Why? Why would you put such a person like that on earth? And what did I do to deserve such a neighbour? Didn’t you know by doing so you made one of your commandments null and void?
I look at the one in front of me: And I wonder. Seriously? Aren’t psychos meant for prisons? How can I smile my sugared smile when I know what evil lurks beneath that surface… and how many parallel thoughts run through that otherwise inadequate brain – is there no fear of a slight short circuit?
Or take for instance, the person in the next lane. He is smart. A bit good looking too. But I don’t say that. The others do. So I say he’s good looking, just to keep the others quiet. But he has a strange habit of scratching himself each time he thinks no one is looking. Okay so why do I have to witness that? Can’t he just sneak into the loo and do that? Well I reckon he cannot.
So I have a problem. I am constantly thinking. Worrying. Looking around to see if something unpleasant is going to spring a surprise on me. And then one odd pat-on-the-back nut job comes and says, “Hey, don’t look so sad. You’ll be fine!”
Of course I will be fine. But today, is not the day. Pick another day, boy. But every day is the same – SSDD.

I think I’d make a good recluse –give me unlimited nature, books, movies and music and I am good. And yes, the Internet. I love my blog and I have to update it. So yes, the Internet is a must. And perhaps a monthly supply of wine. I don’t mind going down to the nearest wine to pick up a bottle or three occasionally. Yes, that would be lovely.
But what if, one lost soul comes searching for me because he or she has heard that I lead this perfect life and wants to check it out by themselves? That would be horrible, wouldn’t it? Because then, they would like what I got and want it for themselves. And where would I go? Back to town – back into my cubbyhole? Oh no mister, you aren’t fooling me into falling for that silly trick of yours…

This is the last of the chronicles that I write with your name on it – from now on, it’s all about me…
Now, I shall truly be fine.

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beginning of de universe said...

OK!! I truly hope this is the last one.. :)