Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Boy

Many years ago, a time when there were no milestones
For me to record the things I remember in flashes
I met a boy. Rather accidentally I must say

It began with the letters we wrote to each other
Every now and then, on writing paper
Sealed in envelopes. Often coloured

The letters were like life's notes
That I regret losing. But they were cherished
And received with much love and affection

There came a time when I met that boy
Again, purely by chance. And perhaps providence
Had a little bit of a role to play as well

We connected. At least that's what I'd like to think
We didn't meet that often again. But continued writing
And now I realise, it was love

I haven't seen that boy in many many years
So much has changed since then, I'm even afraid
To face him, this way again

He lives in some other country. We see each other
Virtually and that too, so rarely that I can hardly breathe
When a slight hello appears on my screen

I miss that boy. Even though we can't be friends
The way I thought we were. A part of me continues
To regret losing him to the life that he chose

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hmmm? said...

wish it was me..