Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In your memory

One flower
That meant nothing beyond that moment
A flower I don’t even like
Still lies all dried up in my drawer

Any other given time
I’d think it to be corny
Silly to be precise
This time I don’t.

I stand on the balcony
Watching people go by
Incomplete souls with
Their hearts lying elsewhere

Lives for them don’t change;
They’re just looking
For a small port key
To take them to that someplace else

Should I dare to be different?
I haven’t even troubled myself to answer that question
I just go by; like everyone else
Not seeing you works relatively well as a painkiller

There’s so much distance between us that
I cannot even fathom
Covering it in this generation
And after that, you’d just go further away

Your life, your love, your passions
Will take shape in different forms
And I will remain Just a speckle of
Memory that you could do without

I ache to reach out and touch your hair
Have done so many times
I want to put my arms around you
And hide away from everything known

Hold your hand like I have earlier
When I needed reassurance
You let me without reading between the lines
Yet I’ve let my heart break a million times from that touch

You’ve lied to me almost all the times
Even when lying was not required
And I’ve forgiven you
Like I will each time you smile and say goodbye

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