Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My friend is a writer. A good one. So I stole one of the poems he wrote to add lustre to my blog.

The Storm

You lay beside me
In the violence of the storm-drenched night
Your prisoner
I had surrendered when on you I first laid sight

In the dark
I could feel the shimmer of your smooth skin
As it slipped
Open and without any hesitation took me in

And the light
That I could see in the deep black of your eyes
Shone steady
And slowly peeled off my every little disguise

The moisture
On your mouth I remember tasted both salty-sweet
I wanted more
My thirst was so uncontrollably unquenchably deep

My searching lips
Slid across your skin crafting their own little tale
From your secrets
You let me lift every carefully woven veil

You were so soft
As I lifted you whole in the cradle of my arms
You gasped
Before letting me drink of your succulent charms

The storm rose
As outside the war thundered and came to a head
Your hair
Clung to my skin and to our silver-drenched bed

We rode desperate
Buffeted by the raging of the wild, grey flood
You bit into me
And it wasn't long before we both drew blood

Drained of red
You were too exhausted to even try to look pleased
Drained of white
I was turned inside out and brought down to my knees

Years have passed
But your taste still remains on my tongue
On lonely nights
I lie and remember how once we'd become one

And an ache
Rises from within that never truly subsides
For another night
when you were the storm that lived in my eyes

The ache
It's back with a vengeance and crawls on my skin
My door
Is wide open and waiting for you to come right in

------------------Ananda Ray

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