Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fakin' it

I hate it when you fake love.
I mean we could be friends
We could have sex
But where did this love come from?

Did I say or do something?
That made you think I loved you?
A whimper, a caress? I just don’t get it.
Then why make me love you?

Then I see the same words
That you share with others.
God fucking knows what else,
It’s quite a depressing thing you know.

Okay, so we did have a good time.
I did kiss you till my head buzzed,
And dreamt of you every single night,
And swore to ‘cherish you forever’ and all that.

You’re ugly, you’re despicable and you’re fat.
There’s nothing to you that I really want.
I wish I could strangle you.
At least, then you can’t fake love.


The One said...

Can it be done at all?

mita said...

I wish you wouldn't be so critical ;P specially the fat part !!

mita said...