Monday, November 21, 2005

I wonder

I was reading a friend's blog a couple of days back where he had written (very beautifully, I have to say) about how his parents met and got married. Not only could I visualise the whole thing, it also got me thinking.

We spent a great deal of our lives with our parents. And through all sorts of turmoil and joy, they try to figure us out. But how much do time or energy do we spend trying to know them.
I mean how many of us know about what kind of lives our parents had when they were our age.

Just a passing thought!


Siri said...

Hi Priyadarshini,
This is a real good thought. I do spend a lot of time finding out more about my paernts. They were actually neighbours before they got married. They tell a number of hillarious stories on each other abt the time when they dint know they were gng to end up married :)

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